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Scale of faces, sad to happy

5 ways to reach your peak happiness

A key to our happiness lies in prioritizing experiences over material possessions.
crumpled pieces of paper and lightbulb

Suffering from a setback? How to take advantage of failure

Rate this article and enter to winFailure and setbacks are painful, whether you flunked a paper or course, didn’t exactly excel at an internship, or missed some other goal. You’ve probably been there. In...

No excuse needed: Why travel is good for your health

Rate this article and enter to winWhen you’re deep into the semester and maybe exams, your future travel and vacations are likely not high priority. But the summer is not so far away, and...
mand and woman working on computer

Applying experience to your education

Rate this article and enter to winMaybe you started school years ago but never finished. Or perhaps the corporate world, domestic life, or the military dominated your youth. Perhaps it’s time for a career...
Group of adults talking and laughing by a tree

Get the full experience: How to be involved no matter where you are

Rate this article and enter to winThere are many reasons to live in a different place than your school is located. Perhaps you commute to save money living at home, like the independence of...